The 411

on who we are and what we do.

About Us

Who we are:

The Norwood Kids Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by superstars Brandy and Ray J. in collaboration with their parents Willie  and Sonja  Norwood, to help disadvantaged, at-risk youth in Los Angeles and Mississippi through the Arts and self -help programs.  Programs offered are dance, drama production, musical theatre, and choir.  Through our innovative and strategically planned programs our constituents will gain the skills, values, opportunities, and confidence needed to succeed as adults, partners, citizens and leaders.  Brandy and Ray J’s desires are to give back to their communities and help other young people understand that they too can succeed in life.


Our Mission:

To increase the resources and opportunities available to disadvantaged and at- risk youth, subsequently obliterating the many ill effects that are often associated with being raised in a community plagued by social poverty.  Helping them to  develop the tools necessary to make essential life decisions.


Our Goal:

To use Performing Arts as a catalyst to shape the youth of today into self – confident, disciplined, responsible,  and caring  individuals capable of making a positive impact in their communities.


What We Believe:

Children need role models, sources of inspiration and nurturing environments to have the tools to make essential life decisions.  Often disadvantaged and at-risk children do not have access to these fundamental sources of dynamic support, and in many cases make poor choices because of social poverty, peer-pressure, lack of resources, knowledge and the lack of guidance.  Recognizing the deficiency in life transforming programs for disadvantaged and at-risk youth, superstars Brandy and Ray J, in collaboration with their parents created The Norwood Kids Foundation ( The NK Foundation).